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Stacy Idema

Meet Stacy

I’m a champion for:


The strengths Women and Men bring to business that empower gender diversity.


Women-owned businesses scaling beyond their wildest dreams.


Male-led investment firms finding their unicorn in Women-owned businesses.


Mental health. When prioritised, your business and life thrive.


Women and Men revolutionising business together.

What if we think we are thriving, only to learn we were just surviving?


I thought I knew my strengths, my power and understood my voice; until 2008. Fifteen years into my corporate career I learned that 90% of what I defined as success was my perception of what others thought I did well and loved.


A surreal conundrum.


I believed I would thrive by doing everything everyone told me to do while sacrificing my family, mental health, authentic voice, strengths, and hidden passion. That day, I realised I wasn’t thriving, I was barely surviving.

But let’s take a step back.


Discovering my unique strengths, power, and voice was not childhood or early adult conversation. From birth, I lived and breathed business.


You work hard, work more, and do what you’re told. Work ethic prevailed.


Convinced this was my path I married and divorced a generational small business owner while leading a 26-year corporate career and raising a family.

Yet, my natural and uncanny ability to transform chaos to calm was felt, heard, and seen by many executives and global leaders. I was the one they called in to ‘do my magic.’


It was my strength.


To the masses, my strengths of understanding people and helping them feel heard, seen, and understood were overlooked. I was always redirected or quieted.


They wanted a box checker, and I am not a box checker.

Quantifying my strengths was difficult. It was like shoving a square peg into a round hole. I wasn’t able to articulate my strengths in a way that would promote them, instead, I self-minimalised and sabotaged myself and my natural abilities.




In 2013, I discovered Emotional Intelligence. It transformed my business and personal life. The intersection of business and life made sense.

Three truths were revealed

When you’re in your strengths and your power, your business and life thrive

Business is always    personal 

How you communicate follows you from the bedroom to the boardroom

 I was determined to make a difference and start again. I practiced speaking my voice, poking the bear, and starting conversations about the hard truths and realities we face every day in business and life.




Living in my strengths and speaking the truth required a deeply personal change. I divorced again. Leaving behind comfort and a known path, I stepped into a new country, continent, and culture. I secured a UK Innovator Visa at the end of 2021. In early 2022, I moved to London and launched The Global Collective in March.


I drive forward one mission: Revolutionising how Women in business and Male led-investment firms invest in business. I believe when we  connect the unique strengths of each gender, we increase the financial benefit and mental well-being for both in business.


Many call me courageous. I call it living in my strengths, thriving, making an impact, amplifying my voice, and doing the same for others.


Empowering myself empowers others to live the best way they know how. When you’re in your strengths, you thrive as does your business and those around you.


I know it’s possible because I’ve already lived it!

Stacy's credentials...


Media personality

business alchemist


Global cross-cultural leader with experience leading teams of 300+ people and 8-figure programs in a highly ambiguous environment

From Fortune 7 to 40-person start-ups, Stacy has partnered with thousands of Entrepreneurs, Chief Executives, Medical professional Innovators, and Academic professionals around the globe to deliver new and innovative products, services, and solutions in multiple industries for more than 26 years

Founded Stacy Idema LLC in 2013. An EQ and strengths-based coaching business, where she created her SPEAK methodology

Trained in Human Centered Design &   Lean Model Canvas

Project Management Professional Certified (PMP®)

Masters (M.A.) Certificate in Positive Psychology

Emotional Intelligent Trained & Certified    (EQ 2.0)

BA Marketing Management

Certified Life Coach

AA in Accounting

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